At Arletta, we are focused on the safety of our employees. To guarantee that our focus on safety is successful, we maintain a written Environmental, Health and Safety program, provide task-specific training, required annual OSHA training, and work continuously to cultivate a culture of safety.

Our safety program starts with the understanding that all occupational injuries and illnesses can be prevented. From there, we begin by constructing a detailed written health and safety program. The health and safety program includes our corporate mission statement, policies, and procedures, and required safety training.

Most importantly, our management and ownership group take pride in cultivating a culture of safety throughout the company. This includes being active, in the daily operations of the company, participating in tailgate safety discussions, and demonstrating a commitment to safety in the course of our daily operations.

Depending on the service provided, Arletta employees receive training in General Construction (10HR), Forklift Training, and first aid and CPR/AED training.